Cruel Optimism Radio

Cruel Optimism is a radio project with a difference. Through the production of a creative radiophonic queer platform this project aims to promote a multitude of queer voices and their multifaceted relations to musical life.

Cruel Optimism is radio that makes perceptible practices of a wider group of queer people, feminist sound artists, queer POC musicians, lesbian punk musicians, queer academics, older queers, disabled queers, migrant queers, electronic queers and much much more. It promotes those who find themselves outside the heteronormative world and precariously forced to the peripheries of musical frameworks. By co-creating the Cruel Optimism platform, we aim to present  a sonic conversation that can be continuously drawn upon, and a self-sustainable queer rhizomatic framework. We have the opportunity to create an ongoing developing multiplicity of interactions, drawing together many experiences and skills, extrapolating new queer sonic trajectories and sounds. 

you can find us here