Johnny Pavlatos was born in Athens Greece, has worked and lived in Melbourne Australia, London UK and Athens Greece and is a currently resident of the UK, Australia and Greece. Johnny is a socially engaged radio artist, public artist, radiophonic producer, sound artist, and performer. Johnny’s art practice takes the form of radio transmissions, public performances, installations, social sculptures, radio dramas, sonic collages and public space interventions. Johnny’s practice focuses on explorations into the ways in which social and economic fragmentation affects gender performativity and how queer theoretical ideas may disrupt this production.

Johnny’s practice is both political and timely. In addition to radio art, teaching and activism, Johnny co-founded 589 Plateaus and Avelo Space with Lee Ingleton; operating as independent art making spaces in 2006 and 2019 respectively.  They hosted activists, artists, discusssions, performances and researched various topics and issues, including the role of queer feminist art in crisis situations. 

Johnny is also in their 6th year as resident radio programmer at Soundart Radio in Totnes Devon UK. They previously held residencies on NTS Radio UK and Resonance FM UK and are currently consumed by Cosmologies and Viruses;  Questions that problematize social media and gendered data collection; And quite keen on developing conceptual radio art works and dramas that expose the frameworks that promote the current swell of epidemical narcissism and imbibe platform capitalist production.