Resident: Athens Greece / London UK / Melbourne Australia 
Language: English / Greek
Current Position : Radio Artist / Socially engaged Artist / Sound Artist / Activist / Radio producer / Composer /Educator
Pronoun: They/He/DJ



Johnny is a radio artist, activist, socially engaged sound artist and public artist. They are currently in their 6th year of producing LGBTQIA+ radio art programming for Sound Art Radio in Totnes Devon UK. Johnny’s art practice takes the form of radiophonic transmissions, public space interventions, public sound installations, sound art compositions, performances and works under the alias’s of queerphonie & hot$tu££radio. 


M.A. Public Art / Art in Public Space – Graduated with Distinction, RMIT Melbourne Australia
B.A (Hons) Sonic Arts – Graduated with 1st class honors, Middlesex University, London U.K.

B.ED Theatre Studies / Dramatic Art – Graduated with Distinction  – Victoria College Rusden Melbourne Australia


2021- Queerphonie – Currently in 6th year of residency at Sound Art Radio Totnes Devon UK

2019 – Cruel Optimism Radio – 1 year residency at Cannibal Radio co-hosted with Lee Ingleton – Athens Greece

2017 – Confused Temporalities – 2 year residency at NTS radio – A weekly sound art radio show – Hackney London UK 

2015 – Queer Temporalities – 2 year residency at RESONANCE FM – A weekly LGBTQIA+ experimental music program – London UK

Selected Projects

2021- Sound Art Radio UK – Radio Drama (Horspiel), Sound Collage & Discussion – ”Johnny and the COVIDwordly beings” included as part of the Morning Connections Program in conjunction and partnership with researchers from Exeter, Plymouth, Bath and Bristol Universities.

2021 – ”Transcendence” – Johnny Pavlatos, Marcy Saude, Kate Paxman, Sarah Turton – New Art for radio – supported by Arts Council England – proposes and imagines a post Covid world 

– 18 the May – Presentation of Radio Drama( Horspiel), Sound Collage – ”Johnny and the COVIDworldly beings” 

2021 – ”From the Margins / Global Perspectives of LGBTQIA+ experiences” 

Online Workshop – “Now, how you sound” A workshop on the politics of voice and listening. Hosted and facilitated by Dr Lee H. Ingleton and Johnny Pavlatos – Maynooth Univeristy Department of Law – Maynooth Ireland

2021- ”Johnny & the COVIDworldly Beings” – Radio Drama (Horspiel) Sound Collage – Funded by DCMS Arts Council England & SoundArtRadio – Totnes Devon UK

2021 – ”Sparta Place Melbourne Australia” – Binaural Soundscape Composition – included in the Field Recordings ‘Infinite Mixtape Project‘ – currently playing on NTS radio – London UK 

2021Guest radio art residency for Diskordia –  Curated a 2 hour musical program responding to the statement – ”Possible sounds for the fall of patriarchy” –  KANAL 104 Skopje North Macedonia 

2020 – Guest Programming – Curated a 2 hour special broadcast highlighting the work of queer composer ”Arthur Russel” for Threads Radio – Brussels Belgium.

2020- Queerphonie – Currently producing a Queer Feminist weekly experimental sound art show for sound art radio in Devon UK. Programming and highlighting Queer Feminist concepts and producers – Totnes Devon UK

2020 – Avelo Space – with Lee Ingleton and a small team of supporters, we developed, physically constructed and worked on AVELO SPACE – an art making space and think tank. We are currently considering an AVELO SPACE 2.0 – Athens Greece

2019 – Cruel Optimism – Inspired by the work of Lauren Berlant this was a weekly Feminist LGBTQIA experimental radio show co-hosted with Lee ingleton, it aimed at queering the sonic boundaries of radio and hope – Athens Greece

2019 – Gender Panic – Socially engaged t-shirt design production workshop project – Focus on LGBTQIA+ refugee concerns. Co-curated with Lee Ingleton. A documentary style film was produced that was shown at the Aphrodite Queer Feminist Film Festival 2019 – Athens Greece

2019 – Aphrodite Queer Feminist Film Festival – Curatorial team member – workshop leader – Athens Greece

2019/17 – AMOQA – Curatorial Member – Athens Museum of Queer Art – Athens Greece

2018 – Robert Bosche  – Presention on LGBTQIA+ refugee issues in Greece and  workshop leader on projects with LGBTQIA+ refugees in Greece Welcome – Athens Greece

2018 – Edusquats – Weekly project taking language classes and teaching resources to refugee squats in Athens Greece

2018 – Visualising sounds – Documenta14 -Athens Odeion (Conservatoire) – performance / workshop – Athens Greece

2018 – Notara Squat – Refugee collective and housing squat – attended weekly assemblies and organised language classes for un-housed refugees – Athens Greece

2018 – Aphrodite Queer Feminist Film festival – Workshop Leader – Documentary Film production – Athens Greece

2018 – Rockumenta ! – Co created public art intervention with LGBTQIA+ refugees welcome in Greece group – Athens Greece

2017 – Confused Temporalities – NTS Radio Live – Weekly Sound Art radio show –  London UK

2017 – Documenta14 – Chorus performance work – Relational performance focussed around the D14 artworks – Athens Greece / Kassel Germany

2017 – FYTA – DJ AFTERNOON WITH NOT I – Zita & Johanna Went – Ianna Book – Metatheodosia and Sound collage FROM FYTA  – Athens Greece

2017 —”If you live here” – FITA – Performance with Jennifer Torrence – Kassiani Kapelou – Maria Papadomanolaki – Neele Hülcker – Nicola Woodham – Athens Greece

2016 – Queer Temporalities Radio – Resonance FM – weekly LGBTQIA+ experimental music program – London UK

2016 – Sound acts –  KET Art Space – sound art composition / performance dealing with masculinity race, gender AND LGBTQIA+ issues -performance via Skype – Athens Greece

2015 – ”EEAPR” – a sound art / durational performance with lee ingleton and ain bailey as part of the Electra Festival at the Wysing Arts Centre Cambridgeshire. Performance work addressing the issues of language, documentation, surveillance and migration – cambridgeshire ukPart of ‘Entanglement: The Multiversal Score’ weekend – Wysing Arts Centre, With Sue Lynch, Adrian Northover, Verity Susman, Artur Vital, France-Lise McGurn, Kimberley O’Neill and Cara Tolmie; Ash Reid and Liene Rozīte; Lisa Busby; Cathy Lane; Ain Bailey, Holly Ingleton and Johnny Pavlatos; Lucy Reynolds. Curated by Electra – Cambridgeshire UK

2014 – ”ANONYMOUS” –  Public art sculpture with sonic component. Co-created with Lee Ingleton. The work highlighted awareness of erased voices, censorship of both authors and original Australian land owners. Constructed at the CERES Environment Park Melbourne Australia. Funded by RMIT – Melbourne Australia

2013- ”888” – Intervention co created with Lee Ingleton. This intervention exposed a colonial past and employment and migrant issues on the celebratory union day for the efforts to win an 8 hours work, rest and leisure day – Carlton Australia

2008 – ”PIANOLA” – Commissioned site specific sculpture with sound component – co-created with Lee Ingleton – Sparta Place Melbourne Australia – It explored issues of the everyday / class / capitalism / and social mobility in public spaces – particularly ‘public squares’ –  Melbourne Australia

2007 – ”Double interchange” – with Catherine clover – Site specific collaboration – Melbourne Town Hall – Melbourne Australia

2006 – ”Inprint” – SONIC ARTS EXPO and Truman Gallery London – Sound performative installation exploring issues of identity, surveillance and gifting – Bournemouth & London UK

Commissions and funding

2021 – New Art for radio – supported by Arts Council England – proposes and imagines a post covid world – 18 the May – Presentation of Radio Drama (Horspiel) / Sound collage – ”Johnny and the COVIDworldly beings” – Totnes UK

2020 – Maynooth Univeristy Department of Law IRELAND – From the Margins / Global Perspectives of LGBTQIA+ experiences – Online Workshop – “Now, how you sound” A workshop on the politics of voice and listening. Hosted and facilitated by Dr Lee H. Ingleton and Johnny Pavlatos – Maymooth Ireland

2019 – Aphrodite feminist film festival funding for ‘gender panic t-shirt making workshops – Athens Greece

2018 – Feminist Review Trust UK funding awarded for ‘Avelo Space’ project – London UK – Athens Greece

2018 – Aphrodite Feminist Film Festival funding for creation of a documentary film – Athens Greece

2014 –  RMIT Melbourne Australia – ANONYMOUS – Commissioned public art sculpture  – Melbourne Australia

2008 – RMIT Melbourne Australia – PIANOLA – Commissioned site specific sculpture – Sparta Place – Melbourne Australia

2006 – Inprint – Sonic Arts Expo  – Sound based performative installation– Bournmouth UK – Funded by Sonic Arts Expo and Middlesex University – London UK


In Print


2012 – S:G:F:A: Magazine –  Contributer – SGFA zine celebrates a growing network of people working within, through and beyond the fields of sound, feminism and gender who have contributed to the SGFA events of 2012 and 2014. Sound::Gender::Feminism::Activism was initially established as a research event focusing on the role of gender in sound-based arts and experimental musics, following on from the Her Noise: Feminisms and the Sonic symposium at London’s Tate Modern in May 2012. The aim was, and still is, to develop and expand upon dialogues and discourses related to feminism and sound as well as to form an international network of researchers, artists and practitioners working in these areas – London UK

2009 – History of Sound Art – introduction written by Johnny Pavlatos –  J Milo Taylor and Joel Cahen – A History of Sound ArtPDF, 2009 – London UK

2007 –  Tony Gibbs – the fundmentals of sonic art. Tony’s text explores the worlds of sonic art and sound design through a specific lens and developmental process, and looks at the present state of these extraordinarily diverse genres through the works and words of sound artists and through an examination of the wide range of practices that currently come under the heading of sonic arts. The technologies that are used and the impact that they have upon the work are also discussed. Johnny’s socially engaged sonic critique of surveillance and sound technologies ‘inprint’ is documented in this text. Additionally, The Fundamentals of Sonic Art & Sound Design  considers new and radical approaches to sound recording, performance, installation works and exhibitions and visits the worlds of the sonic artist and the sound designer – London UK


 Radio programming and production

2021 – Soundart radio – fortnightly sound art radio show – Devon Totnes UK

2019 – Cannibal Radio – Weekly Experimental music radio show – Athens Greece

2016- Resonance fm – weekly sound art radio show – London UK

2015- NTS radio – weekly morning experimental electronic music radio show – London UK

2013- Radio Provoque – weekly experimental electronic music show – London UK



DJ and live performances

1991-2 -Promoter – Lucid dream – Acid house night – Dream nightclub  – Melbourne Australia 

1994 – Promoter, producer and DJ – “Naked Butt Famous” London UK.
1998 –  Dj – “The End” Club –  London UK.
2000 –  Promoter, producer and dj – “WANG” Club London – Voted best underground club – London UK.
2005 – Dj – Haywire agency – London UK.
2008 – Promoter, producer and dj “Shiftworkers Paradise Club” London UK.
2011 – Dj – “Uridium” Club London UK

2018 – Dj after party event – Sound Acts – Athens Greece 

2018 – Dj + producer – Matinee – Sunday afternoon lgbtqia+ club – AMOQA Athens Greece