documentary works

documentary work



Johnny’s radio art research and oral documentary practice is situated within the field of sound arts and is informed by the discourses of queer theories, feminist post structural theory and critical race theories. It contends that digital and public radio holds the potential for multiple gender experiences through its production of social narratives and that it should be re-considered as a critical contemporary framework. Through the lens of the above mentioned critical frameworks and radiophonic artist focused experimentations / investigations, this research aims to reconsider how inherent stable radiophonic representations of gender have played a crucial role in shaping the personal, cultural, and political gendered identities. As an artist / researcher johnny is particularly concerned with what effects follow when certain kinds of gender representations are in place; why radiophonic programming supports certain gender narratives and how a radiophonic audience consumes and views these narratives that public radio proposes as stable or typical to heteronormativity. johnny’s radio art research aims to expose the ways in which the radiophonic field negotiates meanings of gendered identity, and importantly, how this may be uncovered, recovered and reconceptualized through queer practice. By reading gender performances on the radio through embodied critical radio art practice, this research proposes a dialogue towards re-situating and reconceptualizing the normative discourse of the radiophonic gendered identity.