Space-Time: The Multiverse - our word is our bond

our word is our bond is a collaborative performance between Ain Bailey, Johnny Pavlatos and Holly Ingleton, based upon their performance score derived from histories of colonial immigration legislation. The performance of this score engages processes of narrative performativity, further derived from queer feminist theorist Lynne Huffer’s Are the Lips a Grave: A queer feminist on the ethics of sex (2013). our word is our bond emerges through a socially embedded model of reading, which by necessity, engages in and seeks to problematise the confessional scene through the demand to ‘speak the truth’ embedded within current discourses of nationality and citizenship.

Saturday 5th September 2015, Wysing Arts Centre, UK

our word is our bond, developed from its original staging at Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridge, was performed by Sanja Pahoki, Makiko Yamamoto and Eric Demetriou for the AS IF: Echoes from London event held at West Space in Melbourne. The event was curated and facilitated by Laura Castagnini and concluded the AS IF festival.

Saturday 7th November 2015, West Space,  Australia

Pauline Oliveros, ‘To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation’ (1970)

Rachel Aggs (violin), Viv Corringham (voice), Angharad Davies (violin), Sharon Gal (voice), Naomi Graham (recorder), Holly Ingleton (laptop), Caroline Kraabel (alto sax), Cathy Lane (EMS synthi), Lina Lapelyte (violin), Sarha Moore (baritone sax), Maggie Nicols (voice), Greta Pistaceci (theremin), Lucy Railton (cello), Verity Susman (tenor sax)

Conductor: Claudia Molitor

Thursday 3rd May 2012, Turbine Hall Bridge, Tate Modern, UK