Queerphonie is a fortnightly radio program which aims to re-frames how we listen to and perceive the more non defined notions of sound, music and art – using queer as a mode of critical inquiry. queerphonie proposes to focus our listening towards experimental music, sound art, social and gender political discussion, outsider music, the terrain of body music, ambient music and field recording with the explicit aim to transpose borders and boundaries. The contributors and guests include sound artists, artists working with sound, experimental musicians, performance artists, field recording artists, soundscape artists, and outsider musicians working in multiple fields and genres. The queer framework offers a rich array of methods for exposing and exploring sonic concepts such as the coincidence, the margins, the not yet, the deconstructed, the accidental and the chaotic – all of which struggle to resist the seductive notion of the binary they’re trapped inside – or in another way – the normative. Tune in and re-frame.