sound lab

Sound Lab

At the AveloSpace Sound Lab, our interest is in thinking about ways in which sound organisation correlates with modes of social organisation. Sounds as well as bodies are often disciplined, or ‘shaped’, to conform to certain social norms, norms of listening as well as norms of living. We develop sonic experiments and performances to interrogate and transform correlations between socio-political economies and compositional structures as a way to make and listen to music.

At Avelo Sound Lab we listen to, speak about, understand and practice sound processing as a means of exploring the world around us. We use the Sound Lab to learn about different sound technologies and their histories as tools for creative resistance as well as for jamming together and having fun.

We have three independent sound stations in the space, currently being used. The space lends itself well to sound production. Being a basement, the space itself sounds good! Sound and music interests currently range from rap, hip-hop, and pop through to house, techno, soundtrack and experiemental. We work with synthesizers: Roland SYSTEM 1, MC-303 GROOVEBOX, Korg Electribe, Roland TR-505, Korg Volca Modular Micro among others; DAWs – ProTools, Ableton, Logic, LMMS and other open source platforms; we work with audio programming languages SuperCollider and Max/MSP. We have Mac, Windows and Ubuntu set-ups and hope to build a vocal booth in the next months. We have a deejay set-up with SL1210s with a collection of classic house, techno, some pop and experimental vinyl as well as a Traktor set-up for digital play-back. We spend time together listening to sound and music, from dragged-up karaoke nights to channeling the gay dancefloors of Chicago and Detroit to deep listening moments in the experimental music back catalogues.