sound lab

sound lab

At the AveloSpace Sound Lab, our interest is in thinking about ways in which sound organisation correlates with modes of social organisation. Sounds as well as bodies are often disciplined, or ‘shaped’, to conform to certain social norms, norms of listening as well as norms of living. We develop sonic experiments to interrogate and transform correlations between socio-political economies and compositional structures as a way to make music.

At Avelo Sound Lab we listen to, speak about, understand and practice sound processing as a means of exploring the world around us. We use the Sound Lab to learn about different sound technologies and their histories as tools for creative resistance as well as for jamming together and having fun.

The QueerCode project also occurs within the Sound Lab at AveloSpace. QueerCode seeks ways to literally queer audio synthesis and algorithmic compositional coding processes in SuperCollider, Max/MSP and Pure Data sound processing platforms. QueerCode develops an institutional critique of synthesis, where critical theory informs our practice to experiment with and develop alternative systems of making, listening, distributing and living, through sound.

The Sound Lab is a queer co-learning space.

Avelospace is an lgbtqia++ safe space

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